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15" laptop manufactured by Dell at the end of 2016. The laptop is very configurable, uses 7th generation processors and has a grey plastic chassis.

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Standard 1920 x 1080 display not available

I use Dell Inspiron 5567 with Windows 11 (previously Windows 10) and according to all sources, the default resolution is 1920 x 1080. However this remains unavailable in Windows settings. I have updated the Intel HD 620 card driver to no avail (current version:

Is there anything else I can do to force it to switch to 1920x1080? Many thanks.


Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7200U CPU @ 2.50GHz 2.70 GHz

RAM 4,00 GB

Windows 11 Home 22H2

Compilation: 22621.1928

Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22644.1000.0

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Hi @jaracimrman

Did you try updating the video drivers using Windows Updates to see if any were available?

If not then as your model does not meet the system requirements for Win 11 this may be the reason why.

Even Intel doesn't support Win 11 for the HD620 graphics (click on Intel Core Processor Graphics and scroll down the list)

You may have to revert back to Win 10.

FYI the Intel HD 620 GPU is integrated with the CPU, it is not a discrete (separate) GPU card

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> If not then as your model does not meet the system requirements for Win 11 this may be the reason why.

Actually not. Yes, I did try updating the drivers using Windows Update on Windows 10 and installed Windows 11 because could not resolve the issue for Windows 10. Updated the driver on Windows 10 actually with no luck.



Just clarifying, that the 1920 x 1080 didn't work in Win 10 either?

Has it ever worked OK at the higher resolution?

If not I'm wondering if your model only has a HD display panel (1366 x 768) and not a FHD display panel (1920 x 1080)

Looking at this supplier apparently there are two resolution types avaialble for the model, HD and FHD.

The only way that I know how to verify this is to look at the LCD panel model number of the back of the panel itself.

Unfortunately, this means that you have to remove it from the laptop. Here's the service manual for the laptop taken from this support webpage for the model.

Go to p.37 to view the pre-requisite steps and then the procedure to remove the panel.

If it is a HD panel you may be able to replace it with a FHD panel (see the supplier link for details) but it still will then only work for Win 10, not Win 11


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