PS Pro SMD Values on NVB-003 Motherboard near Southbridge

Hello to all my fellow diy repair hobbyists,

I have a PS4 Pro NVB-003 motherboard whose Southbridge I replaced.

Long story short, some SMD components flew off during the reflow process, both from side A and from side B. I can clearly tell some areas that have missing smds but some pads were bare from the start. I recovered some caps but don't know where to resolder 'em(If they were are all the same cap value, then I know they go on the data bus lines entering the Southbridge).

Would anybody be so kind as to i) Confirm the missing components, and ii) bust out their multimeter on their own PS4 NVB 003 motherboard and show me the values of these components? I have them highlighted(and numbered in the attached photos.(Orange means missing for certain, while yellow means not sure if anything was there to begin with)

I hope this question helps more people who are searching for these values!

[EDIT: the spots are clearer on the photos now, I removed the yellow highlights, as they were indeed bare to begin with. The circled spots are capacitors, the squares resistors]

Here they are:

Side A

Block Image

Side B

Block Image

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I wish I had some values for you, but I don't usually work on consoles much, so I don't have any laying around (my personal console is just a plain PS4, no Pro). I mostly came here to say. I have done this. And I feel your pain.


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