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Repair information for Sharp televisions.

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Sharp LC-40LE433U has issues that works weird.

My Sharp TV I believe has some how got it's programming all mixed up. I can sometimes operate it by the hard controls on the set and sometimes not. The remote is even weirder. Can sometimes operate tv though remote by pressing several buttons to make changes on tv. Like on/off button + sleep button or menu + Channel button or just random buttons to try to change channels. Also the volume will sometimes automatically increase on it's own. I have tried a hard reset. Like unplug and hold the on/off button to clear. Power on while holding volume and input button and several other ways. I hope someone might be able to help me on my frustrating issues on my TV. Thank You

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Hi @jarwort ,

Try removing the batteries from the remote control and any other remote in the room as well and check if you can operate the TV normally using the TV controls only.

If you can then there may be a problem with the remote or another remote (if any), that may be causing the problem.

If still no good, disconnect the power from the TV, remove the back cover and disconnect the IR sensor board from the main board reconnect the power to the TV and use the TV controls to check if it works OK. Don't know the TV but it may be easier to disconnect the sensor board cable at the mainboard end

If it does it may be a faulty sensor board

I'm assuming this can be done as I cannot find a service manual for the TV but looking at the user manual the sensor is on the left side (looking at the front of the TV) and the controls are on the right (at the back or side?).

If still no good disconnect the power to the TV and reconnect the sensor board and disconnect the TV control board, reconnect the power and check using the remote.

The above suggestions are just to eliminate the controls as the cause.

If it is still no good after trying these then there may be a problem with the mainboard, as that is where the firmware that is used to operate the TV is stored.

Be safety aware when the back cover is removed from the TV and there's power connected to the TV as there is exposed lethal AC voltage on the power board. Always disconnect the power first before working in the back of the TV.

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Can the main board be purchased I wonder? If so wondering and it it would be worth it and where it's located. Thanks



Mainboards (examples only) are available but you may have to check that the board number of your mainboard (printed on the board or perhaps on a sticker on the board) is exactly the same version as the replacement board.

The boards may be slightly different versions as they can be used in the same TV model but in various places in the world where that model is sold so it has to be compatible with the TV broadcasting system applicable to the location it is used in.

Although if you find them in the country that you're in then they should be OK but still check the board number just in case.

You should be able to locate the mainboard by comparing images of the replacement boards to the board in your TV.

Remember to disconnect the power from the TV before working in the back of a TV


@jayeff Thanks, I'll do a little more research to see if I feel it's worth it or not.

Thanks again.


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