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LG Top Load Clothes Washer

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dewatering after the wash

The machine was could not dewatering after the wash how to fix it

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The keyboard are not working


Dewatering after the wash



What is the model number of the washer?


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Hi @nareshcn

Do you mean that the washer is not draining the water during or at the end of the wash?

If so, according to this parts supplier the service manual for the washer is LG MFL40322148. (Scroll down the list of parts to view the part number of the service manual to verify)

In the service manual go to p.28 and run the service mode tests as described and check what error codes (if any) show up.

If there's an 0E code (drain error) go to p.32 to see what to check.

If you get a different error code, find it in the manual (see p.31) and see what it shows to check.

If there is a faulty part, use the part supplier's list of parts linked above, to find the LG part number for the part and then search online for the part number, to find suppliers that suit you best.

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