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A Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-W120 is the 2008 entry of Sony's DSC-W series digicams. Comes with a 2.5" LCD screen and a disappointingly small viewfinder.

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Why Would an Old W120 Would Kill a New Battery?

I have a Sony Cybershot DSC-W120 which I haven't used in almost 10 years. I bought a new battery for it (Kastar type G lithium ion) because the original sony battery was completely dead and unable to be charged. I put the new battery in and after only 5 minutes of use on full charge, the battery was completely drained, and also unable to be charged. My camera is killing the battery somehow. I checked the terminal for corrosion, and there doesn't appear to be any. Anyone know what could be killing my battery like this?

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Hi @slapstick4235

Best case scenario would be a faulty replacement battery not holding its charge under load.

Otherwise you would have to start doing board level testing to see what component or function is causing the drain on the battery.

To drain that quickly something that shouldn't be, would be getting hot.

Here's the service manual that may help. The schematic diagrams start from p.39

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