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Kindle fire k72ll4 .Changing screen. Think I messed up?

Hi, I am trying to repair a screen of a kindle fire for someone, but I think I messed up. I checked some YouTube channels and when they finally remove their screen, there is nothing to be seen around the edges. However when a bit of the screen I am trying to repair broke off, I can see stuff underneath, shown in the pictures. Did I go to far beyond the screen. Have I messed this up?

Block Image

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I doubt you've gone too far. I haven't done any screen replacements on these myself, but this looks similar to any other tablet I have done screen replacement on.

The tricky thing with Kindle Fires is that there are so many variations. You mentioned Kindle 8, but there are 8" variants and 8th generation variants, both of which could be referred to that way. It will help to know the specific model of Kindle you're working on. If you can still use the screen, it will be in settings. Otherwise see if there are any identifying numbers on the housing.

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I've went back to it and I think I actually might be OK. I think I have actually seperated the screen into 2 sections. I was struggling so much to remove the screen, but now I've figured out I wasn't doing it right it's so much easier to remove lol. Just wasted about 3 hours splitting the screen.


Hi @flannelist,

The OP specified the model number as a Kindle fire k72ll4.

This is an Amazon Fire HD 8 2020 (10th Gen) as selected by the OP.

You're right though, Kindle naming method for their models makes it difficult to know if you're getting the correct parts.

The best way to find the correct replacement parts for Kindles is to search using the model number and not the model name and generation.

The model number is usually found down at the bottom of the back cover.



@jayeff I think I caught just as OP changed the title, and I changed the device to match once I noticed, just never updated my answer to reflect that.

@kmce404 To be honest, getting tablet screens out is usually a pain in the neck. But if you don't learn something doing a repair you've never done before, then you weren't paying attention. :)


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