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The fourth generation of the sport utility vehicle known as a full-size Bronco, the successor to the early Bronco.

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My alt isn’t charging my battery. Keeps draining the battery

I have a 1990 ford bronco with a 5.8L I replaced the battery,alt, starter solenoid. I can drive about 3 miles or let it idol for about 20 min. Then if dies, just starts running rough then it dies. I can charge the battery to full charge but it don’t last long. It’s driving me nuts.

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@joshuaclar26392 check all your ground and look for any signs of corrosion in the wires. Put your multimeter on your battery cables and, with your engine running, check the voltage. Anything below 13.75V means your battery does not get charged. Let us know what you get.

The next thing to check would be the fusible link coming of B+ and going to the battery.

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