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Apple's top-of-the-line smartphone for 2021. Released September 24th, the iPhone 13 Pro Max sports a 6.7" ProMotion OLED display, a new triple rear camera system, and 5G connectivity. Successor to the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

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Phone is restarting every 3 minutes

@dadibrokeit having same issue. Phone is restarting every 3 minutes. Just randomly started doing this. Phone was in for a repair a few weeks ago and was working fine. Now today it just won’t stop rebooting.

Will attach photos of the crash report.

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@hpeters, I'm guessing this is a newer iPhone than the SE 2022 this thread is based on; is it an iPhone 13 Pro Max, by any chance?

Anyway, according to @flannelist's Kernel Panics Wiki, you've run into what is apparently a newer version of the kernel panic, that of a SMC Panic - Assertion Failed error. Here's the relevant section from the Wiki.

=== SMC Panic Assertion Failed ===

The SMC, or System Management controller will be familiar to those who have ever done any sort of troubleshooting on a MacBook. iPhones also include an SMC, but rather than being its own chip, it is part of the CPU. These panics often make mention of the error BSC FAILURE.

  • Assertion Failed type panics have begun cropping up in iPhone 13. Similar to a Watchdog Timeout, they reboot the device at the three minute mark
  • The log will generally mention an affected sensor array followed by a code.
  • 0x800 is on the charge port assembly.
  • 0x1000 is part of the front facing sensor cable.
  • 0x4000 is part of the battery.
  • These codes reference sensors in the iPhone 13 series, and does not necessarily reflect the same parts in future series.

Yours is giving the 0x1000 code, indicating that the problem is originating in the front facing sensor cable. To be honest I'm not 100% sure exactly what part this is referring to; my suspicion is the flex cable mounted on the front screen that holds the proximity sensor and the upper microphone. The only other possibility would be the front camera assembly, but I don't really think that's it.

Alisha, do you know for sure if it's the screen flex? ...Assuming I'm right in my correlation of the product number iPhone14,3 and socID of 0x00008110 is correctly interpreted as an iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Just to finish up my little dissertation here (I should be eligible for a PhD any day now), if it does turn out to be the front sensor assembly, here's a guide showing you exactly how to replace it.

iPhone 13 Pro Max Screen Replacement - iFixit Repair Guide

Of course this is a screen replacement guide, but part of the process is to remove and swap over the flex cable on the display. In your case, you'd be doing it backwards; replacing the cable instead of the screen, but the process is exactly the same either way.

I know a lot more about the older model phones like the iPhone X, but I strongly suspect that replacing that flex cable will cause you to lose Face ID due to changing the proximity sensor. On older phones Apple has paired that part to the logic board, so I'm fairly confident they've done the same thing with your phone as well.

If that is indeed the problem then the only way to get it replaced is to go through Apple; no one else can pair the sensor to the logic board. One thing to be aware of is (and perhaps Alisha can confirm) that Apple won't just go in and replace that part for you, but it will come preassembled on a new screen so you'd basically have to buy a new screen from them and have them install it; that'll get the part replaced and keep Face ID working. You could also avail yourself of Apple's self repair program; it'll be a little cheaper, but you have to buy the screen from Apple and rent their equipment to do the repair.

Okay, I'm shutting up now; there are several suppositions here that will throw everything I've said out the window if I'm wrong on them, so please confirm what kind of phone you have and hopefully we'll get some confirmation from Alisha on what I've said. I think I'm fairly accurate here, but it's not outside the realm of possibility that I'm full of bullsh*t, so a second opinion is definitely worthwhile.

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You are correct it is an IPhone 13 Pro Max. It got water damaged 3 weeks ago and the repair company had it for a week and told me it was fine and the Face ID doesn’t work now. So we went to pick it up and he said it actually has more problems now. Front camera and speaker don’t work. They replaced the front camera and speaker. Phone worked fine for a bit over a week. Then last night it shut off twice randomly and not in 3 minute intervals. Then this morning it worked fine for awhile and near lunch it just kept turning off and one every 3 minutes. I didn’t know what to do. I was gonna factory reset it and maybe that will help but if it’s something to do with what you said then it probably won’t.

Could they have messed up the front camera replacement and ruined that cable you talked about. The work they did is warrantied so if it is maybe we can get the work done for free. Thank you for the fast and very informational response. Hopefully it’s not going to be a huge problem to fix


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@hpeters I meant to respond to this ages ago, just life has been a bit hectic 😅

The iPhone 13 Front facing camera and Face ID is a complex mesh of components. It sounds like this shop has replaced the True Depth camera assembly and the receiver speaker.

I’m unclear as to whether or not they replaced the sensor cable on the display. But that’s what I’m referencing. It’s just that there are no cameras or speakers attached to that cable on the back of the display, but there are still sensors on a cable that lives around the camera cutouts in the screen.

That’s most likely your issue. They could even have replaced it, but the cable they put in is faulty.

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