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Information and repair instructions for Frigidaire Freezer

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Frigidaire chest freezer model fffc25m4tw st working. No life at all.

Freezer quit and did hum, clicks, etc. I did the universal start capacitor it will kick on briefly, then acts like a rely or fuse blows and quits after 2 or 3 seconds. Unplug, turn off, plug in and turn carefully 2 or 3 second and off again. Suggestions?

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Hi @gingerm16291

Sounds like a faulty compressor winding or something in the compressor is causing the motor protector cutout to operate.

Here's an image of the wiring diagram for the freezer.

When power is applied it is connected to the compressor run winding (M) and to the start winding (S), via the start relay The motor starts to turn and when it gets up to speed the start relay disconnects the start winding and the compressor should run on the run winding alone. (2- 3 seconds?)

The start winding is disconnected as it is only thin wires and you don't want it to burn out. The run winding has thicker wires and can operate for long periods of time without getting too hot

So either the run winding is faulty or there another problem in the motor circuit and the protector is kicking in to stop the motor from turning.

The motor should have a compliance plate which should state the current draw through the windings. If you have an AC clamp meter you could measure this and this will help to find out what's wrong.

If the compressor is faulty, then depending on your location you may need to get a licensed repairer to replace it, due to the environmental regulations regarding the handling of refrigerant gases. The sealed system will need to be cut into to remove the compressor so therefore the refrigerant would need to be safely pumped out first.

The compressor part number is 5304519890.

If you search online using the part number only, you'll get an idea of the cost for a replacement compressor

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