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Gaming laptop released in 2014 with an Nvidia 860M graphics card and a 15.6" display. Updated in 2015 with 960M graphics.

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Trying to reinstall windows.

My laptop just this morning did not wanted to boot into windows any more.Blue screen and say windows can't start. So i took out the laptop ssd and full format it in a other pc. Still if i try to install any os it installs untill file installation complete when it reboots it just shows lenovo logo then try to complete installation it just show black screen nothing else. It can't seem to boot into a windows. I can't flash the bios because all bios files for this unit is in .exe format and not in usb files. I tried 3 other hard drives, difrend types off ram. I put in a new bios battery and put new pasted on cpu and gpu. I am realy desprate to fix this laptop. I did not replace the hard drive connector yet?. Bios is version 2 of....37 and does not show serial number or lenovo is say's unkown device.

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@adriananlam52581 I don't think this is an issue related to your HDD or the connector. This sounds like corrupted SPI serial flash. You could contact Lenovo to possibly have them reflash the BIOS or see if you can find a replacement BIOS Flash IC. Pre Programmed Bios chip are available online, but will require some board level soldering.

Of course and if nothing else, try to install a different OS like Linux. See if that will get your computer at least to boot.

Here is the schematic Lenovo Y50 70 Compal LA B111p Rev1.0 Schematic for your Y50-70 (should be a Compal LA-B111 but you want to verify this of course) and here is the location of the BIOS

Block Image

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Thank you very much. That sounds right, I searched for hours and forums and this was the first answer that sounds right. I phoned a repair guy to install new bios chip and newest bios of this laptop. will keep you posted end of month or so as soon as i get it back from them.


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