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The VLT 1000 desktop fan has four blades with a diameter of 30 cm. It is made of stainless steel and has 3 speed settings.

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Need help wiring capacitor in 2-speed pedestal fan

This is not a desk fan - but no other suitable choices available. I purchased an old pedestal fan that was missing a speed control switch. This must be a 2-speed fan as there are only 4 wires from motor (white, red, yellow and blue). I know that Red is hot, white is common, blue is low and yellow is high. I found a 2-speed pull switch and have 2-wire capacitor. I have the wires and switch connections sorted our - but am unsure where to connect the 2 capacitor wires. I can get the 2 speeds to work - but don't think I've found the right combo for capacitor.

Q: Capacitor; is it 1 wire to hot (white) and 1 to high speed (yellow)?

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@cdaddy I would use a dual fan capacitor for both speeds. I'd try a 1.5µF+3µF three wire capacitor. Most capacitors have a diagram printed on them to show you how to wire it in. Most commonly, it has a single wire on one end and two on the other. Single wire to hot and then the rest to lwo and high speed wire. Keep an eye on the motors temp and see if it stays within reason. Unless of course you have a make and model for the fan, which might help to trackdown the proper capacitor and wiring.

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