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The Aroma Diffuser produces mist and comes with lighting modes— high and low.

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Why did my Muji diffuser suddenly stop working?

I’ve had this large aroma diffuser from Muji for a while now and it suddenly stopped working recently. I cleaned it thoroughly (inside and outside) but it’s not turning on. The light isn’t working either. Please help me. Light and mist both stopped working.

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@ettore26292 Does this diffuser use an internal or external power supply?


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Hi @ettore26292

If your diffuser is model number HAD-001-GLW-A0 check that there is 24V DC on the output plug of the power adapter that is used with the diffuser.

If the adapter is OK here's a teardown video that shows how to disassemble the diffuser so that access to the motherboard is possible.

Once you have access to the board and if nothing obvious is wrong, post some close up images back here so that others may see.

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