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The sixth generation of Ford's Falcon line, including the AU, BA and BF series.

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Anyone know how I service my diff in a 2006 xr6 bf my a?

My diff in my xr6 needs a service wanting to do it myself anyone know anything about it?

Update (06/09/23)

Wanting to know if anyone has any advice doing a diff service

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Hi @liammanson

Depending on what type of rear axle your particular model has (I don't know), here are two repair manuals for a 2006 Falcon BF that may help

Rear drive axle / differential - beam axle

Independent rear suspension - full floating axle

Note: persevere with the link(s), It can be temperamental sometimes so you have to refresh the page (perhaps a few times) to get it to open, but it does work. There is a security check you have to click to load the document, if that doesn't appear (give it a few seconds), refresh the page (F5 key for Windows, don't know for Mac computers)

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