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Released 2006, identified by model number E1705

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power connector loose inside laptop.

When I connect any power supply to laptop it will not power the PC.

The power supply connector does not seat firmly in power supply port. Tried different power supplies withsame results.

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Hate to spend money on repairs if it's something simple.


I had the same problem, so I just keep it plugged in all the time since I only use it to play videos n junk. Did you fix it?


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you can Youtube to detach charging port in your laptop model. However this require skill and experience to not to destroy the circuit. If it is not fitting in properly then that means the holding pins have widened due to some reason. The best thing would be to take your laptop to a technician and have it soldered for your.

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campinal2635, use this guide to disassemble your laptop. Take a look at the DC adapter and make sure that it is still attached to the logic board. You may have to replace it. The power jack is available at places like this Hope this helps, good luck.

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Hi, I had the same issue on my Dell XPS 15 laptop. Even though we have different models I think my fix might work for you as well. When I opened up the back of my laptop the port to which I plug in my charger on the inside would slide back and wasn't properly fixed down. To fix this I simply stuck a piece of plastic behind it so it wouldn't slide and taped it down. I wouldn't spend so much money on such an easy fix seeing as this is just poor hardware design on Dell's part. Hope this works for you :)

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