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The Sony KDL-50W800C TV is a model with a screen diagonal of 127 cm, a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, an aspect ratio of 16:9, 4 HDMI ports. 2 USB ports to connect an external hard drive. Ethernet port to connect to the internet via cable, internet connection via Wi-Fi, the Android operating system. Release date: 2015-07-02.

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Left half of screen is distorted with three bands

A Sony KDL50W800C started displaying a distorted image on 3 distinct vertical bands on just the left half of the screen. Initially 10 April they were minor but have gradually become much worse with lots of psychedelic colors. I will attach some photos. I did the self check diagnostics page but the only error was back in 2021. Changing to wide screen doesn't change the bands. I have tried a replacement T-CON board but this resulted with a complete white screen and the TV was inoperable.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Left T-con board ribbon cable disconnected (looking from the back).

Block Image

Right T-con board ribbon cable disconnected (looking from the back).

Block Image

Back of the panel with boards removed. How to get access to the LCD driver boards?

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@johnbrown22615 interesting about the issue with the white screen on a new T-con board. So for now leave the old T-con board. the error seems to appear to be inline with the ribbon cables that attach from the LCD driver boards to the LCD screen. Is your post some good pictures of the board layout and the LCD driver boards, we can show you which ribbon cables. Anyhow, gently push on those ribbons where they connect to the LCD panel. See if that changes anything.

The other thing you can try, is to disconnect one ribbon cable from the T-con board and see what your screen shows then. Do the same with the other cable, just one cable at a time. Let us know what you find out.

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I've disconnected the T-con board ribbon cable from each side (see photos). Not sure how to get access to the LCD driver boards? Are they along the bottom edge where the other end of the T-con board ribbon cables goes (see photo)?


@johnbrown22615 yes. And they are not removable. Watch out for those flimsy ribbon cables. make sure they do not tear on you etc. Right now it does look lie the issue comes from your panel but we need to see the boards. To get to the driver boards, you may have to mess with the bezel around the display assembly.


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