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Released in 2018, the 6th generation ThinkPad X1 Carbon is one of Lenovo's popular performance business laptops. Model number: 20QD000BUS

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Laptop won't charge - No charging light.

Hello hello all.

I've been given a family members laptop (Lenovo Carbon X1 6th Gen) and It won't charge, I've done the basic tests of different wall ports, different chargers, removing the battery but no luck at all.

The laptop won't even turn on with just the power cable - Normally there is meant to be a amber light next to charger port when its charging which isn't coming on either.

Thanks in advance =)

Block Image

Block Image

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@littletech what have you checked? First off you want to connect an ammeter between your charger and your computer and see how many amps it is trying to pull. If none, check your charging port with a meter and see how many volts you get to that on the motherboard. After that you will have to measure components on the board etc. Start with the external measuring first, after that, it’s teardown time. To try and help you further, we would need to see your motherboard and know the make and model of it.

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Hello @oldturkey03 I've added photos of the Motherboard though I haven't fully teared it down yet along with the Charger port. The Make/model is Lenovo X1 Carbon 6th Gen - 20KG-SCHW00.

I haven't really done anything with measuring before, with measuring the Amps & Volts will a Multi-Meter with Amps & volts on it work or do I need to buy an ammeter? and where do I find out what spots I should be connecting the meter too?

Thanks for the help =)


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Your image of the charging port shows bent pins and possible missing ones as well. B1, B4, B9 are bent and B5, B8, B10 and B12 seems to be missing (broken off)

Here's a link that shows the pinout for a USB-C port that may help as it explains the functions of the pins.

You will have to replace the USB-C port.

As it is hard mounted on the motherboard you will need smd soldering skills and tools.

Search online for Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 6th Gen USB-C charge port (supplier example only) to find suppliers that suit you best.

Here's a link to the hardware maintenance manual that will also help as it details how to remove the systemboard which is necessary if you wish to replace the charge port.

if it still doesn't show that it is charging after the port has been replaced, what is the model number of the motherboard as printed on the board itself? The schematics will have to be found to find out what else was wrong

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Hello @jayeff - Sorry for my slow reply.

Oh wow didn't realise the pins were that bad! well guess i'll need some smd soldering tools then.

I'll have a read over those links you sent seem really helpful.

I've found out from digging through one of the manuals that the Laptop has an unlabelled/unmarked Thunderbolt 3 port which seems to work for Charging so I think the USB-C port will need to be replaced.

Thanks for all the help!


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Seems this is a known issue with many Thinkpad models :/

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