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What would be the problem with my tv?


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Pt: Recentemente eu notei alguns riscos na TV, mas nada que atrapalhasse, hoje de manhã, quando fui ver, a tv estava desse jeito, qual seria o problema?

Abri e tirei a poeira da tv, pensando se resolveria.

Ela tem som, e "imagem".

En: Recently I noticed some lines on the TV, but nothing that disturbed, this morning, when I went to see it, the TV was like this, what would be the problem?

I opened it and dusted off the tv, thinking it would solve.

The tv has normal sound, and "picture".

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@mathfer that is a failed Gate Driver on your Panel. you can remove your back cover, after unplugging your TV) and check the ribbon cables going to the side of the panel. Sometimes those connections are on the inside of the panel and not accessible. We would need to see your panel to help you with that. So a couple of really good pictures of the inside of your TV will help. Post those with your QUESTION. Again, this appears to be a Gate driver (coming off the LCD driver boards) error on your LCD panel.

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From tomorrow or from here in 2 days, I will post with the internal images of the tv, at the moment I just traveled because of some problems, but I will do so when I arrive, thanks for the clarification.


@mathfer no worries. We'll be here If you use the @oldturkey03 I do get notified if you added a comment etc. to this question.


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