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This device is a Non-Contact Voltage Tester Pen, with acceptable range from 50 to 1000V AC.

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New Klein NCVT1P no test sound

My new Klein NCVT1P responds correctly to turning on and off with lights and beeps but makes no sound when testing a known good circuit.(the red led illuminates but no sound) Is there a switch to change it from silent to audible notification of voltage?

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Hi @timmcintyre

According to the user guide there is a silent mode

"The tester can be operated with only visual indication of voltage. With the tester powered off, press and hold the power button (4) until the green LED (2) illuminates, then release."

If it is disabled then perhaps performing the same procedure will enable it, it doesn't say.

If not, return it for a replacement or a refund

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Turn the tester on by pushing the button and immediately releasing it. Don’t wait for the audible beep as happens when you hold the button to turn it on. Simply press and release

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i’m having the same issue you’re supposed to hold down the ncv for two seconds but mine still isn’t audible


For sound mode you have to press the power button for a brief second then release. Check out my video above.


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