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Infiniti released a completely redesigned M for the 2006 model year to compete directly in the mid-size sport luxury class, against such class stalwarts as the BMW 5-Series, Lexus GS, and the Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

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Why is only my drivers glass working but the other three not working

I have been trying open the other glass on the door but is only the driver side which is working and i dont know why ?

Thank you

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@reubenacquah what have you checked? Did you check for a Child Lock on those? That may be on. What exact year is your Infiniti M?


Just to clarify, the switches on the driver's door only operate the window on that door, but none of the others, correct? What about the switches on the other doors themselves, do any of them work?


Non is working.

i dont know is not working but before it was working properly.


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@reubenacquah you are still not giving us a lot of history. You are not telling us what you have checked or even what exact model or year this is. Anyhow, you want to go ahead and check the switches, the fuses and the relays. Use this part GLASSES, WINDOW SYSTEM & MIRRORS from the SM for the 2007 M35/M45 to work on it. It will also work for the rest of the M-series.

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