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15" laptop manufactured by Dell at the end of 2016. The laptop is very configurable, uses 7th generation processors and has a grey plastic chassis.

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Dell Inspiron 15-5567 not powering on.

I have an Inspiron 5567 that I saved from recycling so no history or background on it. When attempting to power on the fan spins full blast for 6 seconds and powers back off. No blinking codes just a solid white light that I assume is normal. Backlight on the display and keyboard do not light up. So far I have tried, unplugging the CMOS and regular battery while holding down the power button, reseating the RAM and trying a different slot, trying a different RAM stick, doing a bios recovery thing I found online (but it doesn’t POST so it can’t do that anyway) completely removed the logic board and inspecting for corrosion/obvious missing components, and bathing the board in 99% isopropyl alcohol while gently scrubbing with a toothbrush to no avail. I got it to power up maybe a minute aT the most and it passed the POST maybe a total of 5 times before doing the fan spin thing again. But it didn’t stay powered on and would freeze in the BIOS or while attempting to boot into a USB. Is there anything else I can do or is this thing dead?

Thank you

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Hi @thequacker

Depending on how keen you are, you could start checking if all the voltage rails are correct on startup.

Another check maybe is to prove if the fan is OK i.e. the sensors in the fan, temp and speed. If the IO chipset doesn't know the fan is working it'll shutdown the laptop to protect the CPU.

Disconnect the fan and connect an Ohmmeter between the black wire (earth) and each of the sensor wires in turn. For the temp sensor you should see resistance as it is a themistor. With the speed sensor, spin the fan and check for pulses, usually it is a hall effect sensor.

If no good on the either temp or speed check between the red wire (batt) and the sensor leads. If still no good check a known working fan to verify

Here's the schematic for the motherboard that may also help as it shows all the individual voltage supply values and how they're derived.

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Thank you @jayeff. I will check try and check when I get home today.


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