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Apple's mainstream 2021 iPhone was released on September 24th and comes with a 6.1" OLED display, a dual 12 MP camera system, and in five available colors. Successor to the iPhone 12.

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Screen isnt working at all

Screen was good last night working perfectly woke up this morning and its not showing anything. Not even that its charging or the battery is dead. I believe its the lcd but does anyone know anything else?

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have you got another charger you could try incase your charger has failed


tried 3 different chargers, all work on different phones but not on this one


@tech_ni Normally it would throw up the low battery symbol to signal that the phone is dead but that doesnt even come up


@camebs if you can, connect it to a pc to see if it gets recognised, if not then its doubtful that the screen has just failed. it could be a charge port, battery or logic board issue


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Try a hard reset. If the software isn’t up to date it could be that. Press and let go volume up, volume down then press and hold power for 30 seconds or until the apple logo appears. I’ve seen loads of phones with this problem. Good luck.

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