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Why won’t my rear window go up?

2007 Honda Accors LX sedan

So my rear passenger side window was acting up… a little crunchy slow and weak to raise. Then I got pulled over and when I tried to raise my window back up it was seized in the down position… all other windows work fine.

My diagnosis at the time was a bad window regulator, and planned on picking one up and fixing the next day. My short term fix was to cut the wire for the regulator assembly and tape the window closed. This worked fine.

I then bought and installed a new motor/track regulator assembly. I’m happy I did that because upon inspection of the old unit, it DID need replacing. However, I now have a new issue….

Even with the new unit the window won’t raise up. I’ve tried to trouble shoot the issue by checking fuses(all good), cleaning connections and then finally reinstalling the old motor by itself, disassembled from the wire and track, which I find it doing the same as my new part. Motor only does counterclockwise, towards lowered position.

What am I doing wrong here? Or what has broken, shorted since the window last raised?

FYI this is my first vehicle. I’m handy but not a tech or electrical guy by any means. Have sympathy and treat me like a child haha. Any help is appreciated.

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@dmosc does it do the same no matter if you use the master switch on the driver side as well as the door switch on the passenger side? Have you checked the switches? Do you still have the door panel off it? If so, take some good pictures of what that all looks like and post those with your Question. That way we can see what you see. Adicionar imagens a uma pergunta já existente


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I had the same issue with my Renault Espace once. Turned out that a simple small bracket was broken that held the windowpane in place. When I repaired it, I had to guide a wiretapped metal flexible rod through a piped area in the window mechanism far enough, otherwise it would have stayed in the down position as well.

I did a yt search and found this, but my guess is that you already saw this...

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@dmosc since this is a new motor, the issue could be with the switch. Use a test light and check connector 6 and 3 on your switch. Power on and push the button to see if you get power on those contacts. The same for the Blue wire (down) and the Red wire (up) on your motor. That way you can at least rule out/in a bad switch. After that, check the schematic and follow that along. Let us know what you find.

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2007 Honda Accord Power Window

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