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The fourth-generation Hyundai Elantra was released in 2006 for the 2007 model year. The Hyundai Elantra sold under the name Hyundai Avante in its South Korean home market.

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How to find and fix break line drivers side?

Hyundai Elantra gls 2009

Checked all my fluids, everything was fine. Changed all 4 of my breaks (pads, rotors, clips...) all brand new, thinking problem solved! Nope!!! My breaks still were too easy to the floor, still had breaks but sometimes it went to the floor slowly. Now my break light went on the dash. So it's something else associated to the breaks. I got that far. Here's where I'm at:

  1. Checked my break fluid, was now near empty! filled it up, light went off on dash. Pressed break a few times, good and strong, light back on dash, presses break again strong but to the floor slowly.
  2. I put cardboard underneath my car to find the leak. Found the drip (nothing's around my tire).
  3. Where it's leaking: Slow drip driver's side past tire going towards the trunk. mid drivers door, arm length in under the car.
  4. (measurement for distance description).
  5. Mistry solved it's a break line. Looked up on Google, said it was an easy fix!!! Part hardly breaks GREAT! Bull, Can't be an easy fix if can't find a line in the first place or the exact hole in the line to fix it, right?
  6. Tried taking pictures with my phone to get a better view. No such luck. Went back to Google to find it's mapped out & diagrams are like stickman drawings. Need real visual from break fluid container to the break line to under the car. A trail...
  7. How do I find break line itself ??? Do I need to remove something like a cover underneath my car to get access to it? To bleed the lines before I go farther?
  8. Went back to break fluid container under hood, tried to find line to follow down to leak (can't see it!). How do I find the line from the break fluid container? Tried to get a good look under my car by crawling underneath, closest to leak (can't see a break line still.
  9. Exactly what I need & do to fix the break line after I find it. I figured out I need tools (but what tools?), small pipe cutter, correct measurement of pipe line size (3/16? Standard), 3/16 break line connecter. Am I missing something?
  10. Correct walk through process etcetera..please!!!! Like your teaching your 6 year old kid how to do it in steps.
  11. Thank You!!!!!
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@leslieblue those lines are under a plastic shield. Check this video for a guide It's a PITA to splice lines unless you do have the right flaring tool etc. I'd get the complete replacement set of lines from your automotive parts dealer. That way they are pre-bend and do not require any flaring etc. This is not something you want to attempt on the driveway. Either a hoist or a pit will be best.

Here is the diagram for your brake lines

Block Image

As for teh tools, I prefer a flare-nut wrench compared to a box end wrench. Most of these lines may also be corroded on the connectors. Vise grips may be on order

Something like a set of these will work. Get them wherever you purchase your tools. Any good automotive supply store will have them

Now if you DO want to just replace a section, check on here Different make and model but same principle applies to all brake lines

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