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The Scuf Reflex is a wireless gaming controller by Scuf. Designed as a pro controller for the Playstation 5, it offers configurable paddles, adaptive triggers and integrated profiles. It was released in May, 2022.

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I used contact cleaner on my controller and now its worse

I have a scuf reflex fps that I bought about 7 months ago. Just recently I got stick drift and I looked online to find a solution. I came across some videos about using contact cleaner to resolve stick drift. I I got some wd40 contact cleaner and after using it my x button is not registering inputs. I was told to take the controller apart and use 99%isopropyl alcohol to clean the button but I also just discovered that I can no longer remap my paddles. the light flashes white and it seems like the remap worked but it just makes the paddle unusable now. Also, the paddles that I have not remapped still work fine. Is there something I can clean that could fix the remap issue as well?

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Hi @qsr

Did you disconnect the battery in the controller before applying the contact cleaner?

If not that may be the cause of the problems.

The impurities found in nearly all liquids (except distilled water) conduct electricity and create circuit paths which are not in the operating design of the device and can damage the components. They can also create corrosion.

The best that you can try is to not charge or turn on the controller so as to minimize any further damage and then to open the controller and disconnect the battery from the board as soon as possible.

Once this is done completely disassemble the controller and clean away all signs of corrosion etc. using either the contact cleaner or Isopropyl Alcohol 99%+ (available from electronic parts stores).

Allow the alcohol to completely dry before reassembly

Hopefully after this then controller may work correctly again.

Here's a teardown video that may help.

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