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HID to LED retrofit bulb manufactured by Keystone Lighting.

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What is the most efficient LED light?

Hi there, my bulb just died. Could you recommend the brightest and most efficient bulbs I can use in this format? Thanks!

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The bulbs base is the more important side.

What I have access too for bulbs is likely very different where you live. I would talk to someone local to help you.

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adamrp yours looks like an LED bulb as well. So instead of replacing it and wasting parts and money, I suggest you try to repair it. iFixit vs. iReplaceit :-) Use something like this guide Fused LED Light Replacement - iFixit Repair Guide and see what you can do. As for what bulb that is and what you would need if you wanted to replace it, we need to see more of it. Post a picture of the whole bulb, including the numbers etc. printed on it.

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