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A portable, rechargeable jumpstarter that can provide instant jumpstarts for cars and trucks.

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What can I substitute to charge this with

I lost the original device charger it's DC15v input/3.2A & 12 v output & looks like says 5.? Not sure can't read it then like 13.1A what can I use to charge this with as a substitute and how much higher is safe for the device n how much lower is enough to do so

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Hi @elizabethlalone,

What is the make and model number of the jump starter?

Presumably you're looking for the adapter that charges the battery in the jump starter, is this correct?

It's unusual to have a step down DC adapter to charge a battery. Normally an AC/DC adapter is used.

Just curious how you know the specifications of the adapter if you lost it? ;-)


Because it gives this information on the device itself still not just the actual power cord ware you plug the cord into the power port when charging it and under that says out poot and a sticker on the back as well but it's not a jump box it's a go power plus portable power station or emergency weather power box is what it's for. Has emergency weather radio stations and flash light phone fast charge ports and the .3.0 as well and aac output plug as well I live in a RV in bfe lol no electric no running water but has a artisan well less than half mile from my camp that pumps out fresh spring water 700 gals an hr or something like that but to be able to have access to charge phones and post


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Hi @elizabethlalone

I'm not sure that I've found the correct device as this is the only Go Power portable power station that I could find online. Hopefully this is the one, if not please find the model number of the power station so that the correct one can be found.

Looking at the specifications for the model linked above it states Wall Charging = 12-30V, 8A, 120W max.

To satisfy the 120W max rating criteria, you would need to use a 15V 8A adapter (supplier example only) as a higher voltage output adapter e.g. 20V or 30V, with the same current rating i.e. 8A, would exceed the power (W) rating specified (Ohm's law power calculation W=V x A i.e. 120 = 15 x 8)

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