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1:10 scale remote controlled batmobile car and figure with POV driving through a smart phone app.

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I need a new battery, where can I get one?

Where can I buy a new battery? Or what battery type do I

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@nickbirch the battery is a 9.9v 1100 mAh battery and definitely tough to come by since Mattel no longer makes those. It looks like another Mattel Toy " Ballistik Racer" uses the same battery. You may have to check for that. If nothing else. post some good pictures of your battery (include some dimensions) with your Question. That way we can see what you see and guide you further. Possibly even assist you in "building" your own battery.

Looks like this is what you would need

Block Image

which looks like 3 18650 3.3V battery connected in series. Something like this might just work as well

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The only problem is I got it from someone and they lost the battery so I don’t have an old one to post. But I will for sure look into the type you said. Thanks!


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