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The 7th-generation Surface Pro, released in October 2019. Available in platinum and black. Model number: 1866.

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Lcd type surface pro 7

Is it possible to tell What version of lcd you have without opening the tablet up. I got a 7pro coming in the mail that needs a new lcd but don’t want to wait to order the lcd. LP123WQ2 Or LP123WQ1

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@danielbabcock you will have to wait. There is no way to know which version is on this Pro7 without actually looking at it. Don't get ahead of yourself since it could cost you extra money and time ;-)

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That’s what I thought , I was wondering what’s the difference between the two ? Is it just connectors or is one actually Better than the other .


@danielbabcock the only way to find that out is to get the datasheets for both. But for that even the version will matter i.e is it an LP123WQ2 (SP)(A1) and a LP123WQ1 (SP)(A2). It could also be that they are totally interchangeable. The datasheets would be a big help but you still need to know what LCD your SP has.


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