LG WM3488HW leaking from bottom after replaced pump.

In August the machine showed an OE error and I noticed it wasn’t draining at all. So I replaced drain pump and everything was working fine.

This weekend I noticed same thing, not draining well and OE error. So took apart the back and cleaned out the white plastic bin, it was caked with lint and I could see why it had a hard time drying, there was very little room for water too get through and carry out the lint.

So I put everything back and installed the new drain pump. I put on wash/dry cycle and after an hour I didn’t notice leaking so I left. My wife put on another cycle while I was gone and said it started leaking out the bottom. I open bottom and see pool of water on the bottom but nothing up high is wet, I don’t know know where the leak came from.

I opened drain and some water came out and a plastic dental floss pik. That was what probably hit the pump originally and screwed it up, but what do you suppose the leak is from now? I want to screw off and screw back on the pump, it might not have a tight seal, but it didn’t leak the first hour I was watching it, could it be the pump?

I don’t want to take it all apart again considering nothing on top is wet, around the door isn’t wet, the drain rubber hosing isn’t wet etc. the only thing I can think of is the drain pump not being sealed properly.


Update (02/26/2023)

So I took the bottom panel off and saw the leak coming from the pump. Took off the pump and moved it one screw hole clockwise and put it the three screws that way, it was so hard one screw was really buried but now it’s not leaking seems to be working fine. So many videos say you don’t have to tighten screw that much and they don’t really tell you what screw holes to use, only one video did some guy on FB props to that guy.

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