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Realme C3 is a low budget Android smartphone developed by Realme. Released in February 2020 in India and March 2020 in the Philippines.

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My phone screen is broken, how to fix it?

I can turn on my phone, charge my phone, feel the vibration and hear notification. But I cant see anything on my screen. Before my screen turn black, there is some black dot appear on my screen. I though it was just some bug in my phone. I came here to find a way to fix it. Thank you.

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the screen on and no problem with touch but the part from the screen I can't see anything from this part only


My phone is realmec33 and my combo atomatic blink krne lga h or screen pr line aagya h bhot saari


Screen camera side open


Automatic screen no off

=== Update (08/09/23) ===

Automatic screen on off


My phone screen not show


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Here's a video that shows how to replace the display in the phone.

Search online for Realme C3 LCD display to find suppliers that suit you best.

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My phone display is can I replace this


See jayeffs comment above.


Display touch not work


The touch screen not working could be a software or a hardware problem; start out by doing a hard reset of the phone, if that doesn't help back up your phone and restore it to factory settings and see if that fixes the problem.

If it can't be fixed with a restore, then it's most likely a hardware problem and replacing the screen is the only solution. See @jayeff's answer above for how to replace the display.


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Well this video might be helpful for you:

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