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Not cooling after power outage

Need help on doing a reset or how to see why it's not cooling. Never had issues and seals are good. Just suddenly stopped cooling after outage. Please help

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Please verify the model number in case it is different from what you selected.

This is just in case if any parts are required that the correct part numbers can be found.


ffhb2750td38 is the model#


Jason, does the refrigerator have any signs of life? Does the display come on? Are you saying it seems to be working normally but isn't getting cold, or is it doing nothing at all?

Dumb question, but you've checked the outlet that you're getting power, right? No breakers tripped or anything?


Yes, it does. The outlet is fine and I had my father in law look into it more, and we believe it was the fan that cools the compressor down. We took it out and it got shorted during the outage. We are currently looking for places to buy the needed parts. If anyone knows a reliable parts website, that would be appreciated. Or even a technician site for more professional input.


@Jason Hernandez "Or even a technician site for more professional input."are you saying we are not technical enough :-)) Just kidding. I know what you mean or come to mind.


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If the condenser fan motor (fan that cools the condenser unit and also the compressor) is faulty search online for 242018301 (examples only) to find suppliers that suit you best. (Note: The parts list below shows that the condenser fan motor part number is 242018301. If unavailable where you are, search for 242018304 as this is a compatible replacement)

Here's a link to the parts for your model.

It is useful as it shows the numbers for the Service data sheet # A06589001 & the wiring diagram #A06742101. The service data sheet is great because it shows how to enter the diagnostic test mode for the refrigerator.

(Note: Ignore the refrigerator model number shown for the data sheet and the wiring diagram. The drawings are relevant to your model as well as can be seen by the same # numbers on both sheets which match your model

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