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The fourth generation of the sport utility vehicle known as a full-size Bronco, the successor to the early Bronco.

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How do I replace my rear ball bearings

my rwar tire is wobbling

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A wobble means that either the wheel is bent or the axle is bent. It has nothing to do with the bearing.

Swap the wheel with the one from the other side and recheck for wobble. Does tit follow the wheel or stay. If it stays, it is a bent axle. Replace it.

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Can a loose or worn bearing not cause axle wobble? I would think it could.


Phillip Takahashi, I would think that if the wheel bearing is that loose, one would already have some major damage to the hub and the axle. I am with hoppy on this. I would check the rim first. Since you will have to jack up the bronco anyway, might as well check the bearing. Especially if the wheel had a major wobble.


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