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So you work at iFixit...doing what?

I am working as a tinkerer/tech writer. I help write and correct the tear downs and the repair manuals that help us all keep our gadgets running longer and cheaper! I also have the occasional opportunity to do some CAD (computer aided design) work for various tools, bits, pieces and gadgets!

Working at iFixit means you're a computer/gadget wiz then?

Actually not experience delving into gadgets, while existent, is likely less than that of the average geek. I built computers in my younger days with my dad and do occasional laptop repairs and circuit board solder jobs, but my specialty lies mainly in fixing my motorcycle, car/truck and my R/C models. These three fixing categories allow my handy experience to pass through assembly of large and small components, use of specialty tools (torque wrenches, calipers etc), electrical circuit diagnostics, lots of soldering and tons of trouble shooting. Being able to trace a problem to it's source is always step 1 in repair!

Work isn't everything, so what's up with your free time these days?

Graduating Cal Poly opened up many hours of free time, which I have happily filled again working to help teach the world to repair. But the free time that I haven't absorbed into my work is primarily split into 3 major categories; motorcycles, music and RC Models!

Life on 2 wheels

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I started riding motorcycles spring of '09. My first bike was a beat up old 1992 GSX-R 750. This bike had character. There was no part on it unscathed by some sort of crash or accident, but it was an awesome bike. It took me from the basics of how to go in a straight line, all the way to my 3rd track day in B-group. On top of learning to ride, this bike forced me to learn how to fix too! This bike went through 1 engine, 1 transmission in the "new" engine, many electrical bugs, brake bleeds, brake pads, valve adjusts and carburetor tunes. All these I had to perform myself because I couldn't afford for a shop to do it (and because the one shop I did allow to touch my bike did the fix WRONG...but that's another story). Sadly though that bike is gone, I had to sell it. In it's place is a 1993 Ninja 500 street fighter. While the Ninja is not the beast that my GSX-R was, it is still a fun reliable machine that I am able to use my learned repair skills on!

This one time at Band Camp...

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No, but is a big part of my life and I am indeed a proud band geek; certified, notarized and stamped! Note the picture; that's right, I'm rocking the sun glasses at night with no hint of shame! My primary instrument of destruction is the trombone with my primary style being jazz. I personally prefer to play latin-jazz and swing but there is still no better sound than being in Cal Poly's pep band surrounded by my low-brass-brethren. But my music extends beyond sitting and reading music. I've also enjoyed composing my own songs on piano and in synth programs, such as Fruity Loops, and have even made a piano arrangement of the Halo 3 Title Theme. With any luck I may one day have the opportunity to arrange songs for the Mustang Band!

Yes...I still play with remote control toys

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The RC models I play with aren't you're typical Tyco remote control cars. These are the high end models. For example my truck could hit 60+ mph with the right battery, I have a plane capable of 100+ mph, had a helicopter capable of hovering upside down and I had a plane powerful enough to hover! Experiences with my vehicles have allowed me to fly, drive and fix almost any hobby-class RC model. There is nothing better than getting to play and tinker with the same thing!

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