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Learn more about the Jenn-Air JFI2589A** refrigerator, a bottom freezer style refrigerator with ice through the door, automatic defrost feature, and equipped with an anti-sweat heater switch. This page covers information for model numbers matching the pattern JFI2589A**.

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Jenn Air JFI2589AEP to cold

I am stumped. I have a French door bottom freezer refrigerator JFI2589AEP and the fresh fridge part is freezing food in the two bottom fruit/vegetable drawers and the right door milk shelf. All gasket look new, we returned from a 3 day trip away to find all the vegetables frozen solid.

I have put the fridge into diagnostic mode per the cut sheet attached to the back of the fridge. The only sensor that seemed out of wack was the FF thermistor. It reads 46degrees and fridge is set to 36. All vegetables and milk frozen. Nothing else frozen on the shelves above. I tried raising the set temp to 46 and nothing seems to change.

I have verified the damper, which is located in the ice maker (top left inside fridge) is operational. Self Diagnostics test allowed me to open and close it and I can see it work fine. When closed the fridge still seems to push air thru the right front part of the cabinet into the milk shelf located in the door. When it’s calling for cooling the damper is open and I feel the cool air come from the back left. The port that feeds the front right door is adjustable but I never had to mess with it before. The two bottom drawers are also fed by a tube in the rear with a humidity slide.

I replaced the FF thermistor (part 16) located in the top of the fridge in the light assembly with a whirlpool factory part. After restart it it started at 60, dropped to 38 after an hour, then overnight back to the 46 again and food frozen. My fridge does not give an actual temp on the screen unless it triggers a high food temp warning. I have to put the fridge in diagnostic mode and scroll thru and read sensor 141,142,143. Fresh food, freezer, ambient. All look normal except the fresh food. Always reads high. I also bench tested the old thermistor and new one side by side and they both were the same so I figured I just wasted my $, it was only $40 so I put it in anyway and no change.

Thermistor value in the freezer indicates -2 to 2 degF, set temp 0, so I did not change that one.


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Hi @turbosl2

Don't know the model but looking at the manual the ice maker is in the refrigerator compartment so was wondering if there's a problem with the ice maker thermistor which then may affect the refrigerator compartment??

Did you check that the light goes out in the refrigerator compartment when the door is shut? With the door open, manually operate the door switch. As the light is near the thermistor, if on it could affect the temp around the thermistor.

Did you check the actual in-circuit resistance of the refrigerator thermistor i.e. disconnect the wire from J3 pin1 on the control board (or remove the cable plug) and measure the resistance between the wire and an earth point? Can't find the actual model number of the thermistor to find the datasheet to know what the resistance values are for what temp, but the tech sheet states 29,500 Ohms at 36°F and 86,300 Ohms at 0°F so it should be around the 30K Ohms and not lower e.g. 25K Ohms as the thermistor must be an NTC (negative temp coefficient) type. (77°F = 10K Ohms)

Just some thoughts.

Found this service pointer which is applicable to your model that may also be of interest, if not now perhaps some time in the future.

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Yes i did check the resistance values based on temp and they were within the range specified on the spec sheet.

I did confirm the light goes out and door switchs work as well. I too thought heat was tricking the thermistor. Thank you for the service pointer. I will take a look at that and most likely replace the part. I will check them at the plug connector where it goes into the circuit board. Maybe its a ground issue like mentioned and its not making a good connection.

Strange thing is overnight the fridge sat untouched. I set the fridge temp to 38 and freezer to 2. Just ran the diagnostics and it shows the thermistor for freezer temp at 2deg and the fridge at 41. My glass of water was still in there with my cooking thermometer and that shows 41 as well (top shelf). There is no ice buildup and everything seems normal. The only thing i did between now and then was pull the icemaker out to check the baffle last night, and moved the slider on the cabinet door which directs flow to the milk shelf to the lowest flow position. Maybe it was the thermistor acting erratic, no idea why the new one is always showing a higher temp than the fridge set temp, maybe its designed that way since its on the highest part of the cabinet and the control algorithm accounts for that difference?? Maybe it was frosted up and when i was fixing these things with it turned off it defrosted?? No idea.

I have about $300 in more parts coming (defrost tstat, and control board. I will box them up and save them in the event i need to continue this. Right now if you dont hear from me i would consider the issue resolved.


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