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Released February 2005, model number DCR DVD103. Has 20x Optical zoom and 680 KP.

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Can you eject the tape without power?

The camera has quit on me and I tried a new battery, using DC power and it won't turn on. My IT guy is going to look at it, but in the meantime I really really need the tape inside the camera. Is there a failsafe to eject the tape?

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cindy, really not much of a tape, since it is a DVD. Anyhow, according to the service manual you can:


1 Remove the cabinet (upper) assembly (E).

2 Remove the cabinet (R) assembly.

3 Remove the VC heat sink, VC radiation sheet.

4 Remove the lens section, F panel section.

5 Push the portion A in the direction of the arrow and open the disc cover.

you can utilize these guides Sony Handycam DCR-DVD103

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No, it is motor controlled via power. Your tech can probably take apart the outer housing and retrieve the tape first, then move on to find the problem with the camera. ~ please don't try the hammer and fury method ;)

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Can you eject a tape from a sony handycam DCR-109E without power. If not how can you do it?

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