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Samsung NP-R580-JBB2 laptop computer with 500 GB hard drive and 15.6" display released in October 2010.

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My laptops fan turns off after 10-15 minutes

So I have a Samsung R580 laptop with a 312 gb hdd and 4 gb of ram.My problem is that the laptops fan turns off after 10-15 minuets of use and then after a additional 5 minutes it completely shuts down.I want to know what to do.Keep In mind that this laptop has all of its screws missing except the ones on the CPU,1 that keeps the fan in place and 1 that keeps the motherboard down.The mother board is sturdy beacause of 1 ribbon cable and and 2 connectors and also the hard drive.Also keep in mind the 2 ribbon cables on the keyboard panel and the 2 connectors on the panel.Should I replace the fan?Or is it something else? Please help

Update (01/29/2023)


Block Image

Block Image

These are images of the motherboard

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Arber Blogu it does sound like it's a fan issue but could of course be a fan regulation issue. So, you would need to see if there is power on the fan connector once it turns off but before the compute shuts down. If you do have power on the connector, it's your fan that failed. If you do not, then it is a board level component issue. Given the age of your computer, I would definitely have a new fan available.

Samsung NP R580 JBB2 Cooling Fan Replacement - iFixit Repair Guide

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Uh hi thank you for the answer but how do I check if the fan connector has power?


@Arber Blogu do you have to bottom cover off? Post some pictures of your motherboard so we can point out where to test the fan


I posted it as a comment to the question


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