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MSI Motherboard skipping BIOS display?

I bought a new MSI B550 ProVDH WiFi motherboard last week and at first it was refusing to display at all so I got a new CPU, a Ryzen 5 5600x. It began to display but it not longer displays any loading screen when booting up. I like to go into BIOS to check out setting for new parts but it either recognizes the key but doesn't display anyway, or it never boots all the way. I have taken out the CMOS battery a hundred times, I replaced cables, I unplugged everything except the keyboard and mouse, I never have anything else plugged into my RX 570 GPU which has two or three display port, one HDMI and one DVI. I switched to the DVI port from the HDMI and still absolutely nothing. I have an ASUS monitor with a 60/75 refresh rate (don't remember which) that only supports either VGA or HDMI. I have also turned off the fast boot or quick start or whatever it was called in the power settings.

I'm at a loss, the shop I took it too I think misunderstood my issue but luckily didn't charge me since it displays, and I'm sick of driving almost half an hour to have the poor guy make sure everything works.

I just have no idea what to do, any advice that isn't what I've already done would be great.

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[code]The motherboard does not work, although it was working when rebooting, it did not work, knowing that it is a gigabyte B560M[/code]


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Hi @invisiblelee

What key are you pressing to enter BIOS on startup? It should be the Del key - just double checking ;-)

Does it stop on startup and give an error message e.g. no OS found or similar if you remove the SSD/HDD?

Try to access BIOS through Windows:

On the Windows desktop click Start > Power > hold the shift key and click Restart > after it has restarted then > Troubleshooting > Advanced Options > UEFI Firmware Settings.

You should be in BIOS

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Bonus points for @jayeff ! I always forget that one.


I have tried UEFI but it doesn't work and no error shows up that I've seen, unfortunately. I do use delete, I have also tried every other key I know, it just remains blank if I do it and then I have to restart.

Thank you though!



Try using a TV's HDMI port as the monitor just in case it is a resolution issue between the monitor and the motherboard when in BIOS mode.

Does the PC give a display if you disconnect the SSD/HDD and then start it i.e. no boot device found or no OS etc, you never said?



Unfortunately I don't have any TV's to try it with. I did have a separate monitor I attempted but it has the same resolution and refresh rate as the one I'm using now, 1920x1080.

I did disconnect all SSD/HDD just now but zero display appears at all on the monitor, no matter how long I wait.



Perhaps for some reason the BIOS is outputting on the GPU's DP port.

perhaps you can try using a DP to HDMI adapter (example only) and check if there is a BIOS display when using it.

So with the repair shop you went to, could they get a display in BIOS or not? Bit hard for them to misunderstand if that's what you told them the problem is. i.e. no display in BIOS or no access to BIOS


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The Ryzen 5 5600x does not have integrated graphics so the system can't be tested with out your grahics card. Your graphics card is about 5 years old. Have you tested it and your HDMI cable on another computer and your HDMI cable to see that it is functioning properly?

Make sure you have the latest BIOS - version 7C95v2D Release date: 2022-12-15

Note that the graphics card does not have to be installed at this point:

Updating BIOS with Flash BIOS Button
1. Please download the latest BIOS file that matches your motherboard model from
the MSI® website.
2. Rename the BIOS file to MSI.ROM, and save it to the root of your USB flash drive.
3. Connect the power supply to CPU_PWR1 and ATX_PWR1. (No need to install CPU
and memory.) Look at your manual.
4. Plug the USB flash drive that contains the MSI.ROM file into the Flash BIOS Port
on the rear I/O panel. Again, look at your manual.
5. Press the Flash BIOS Button to flash BIOS, and the LED starts flashing.
6. The LED will be turned off when the process is completed.

Press Del key during POST to enter BIOS. Try Delete key as well if your keyboard has one.

Manual if you can't find it:

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Ohh I see.

I did just buy a new HDMI cable either way, so hopefully that isn't an issue. It will still display fine, it only refuses to show me the initial splash screen and BIOS.

I have heard from others about the USB, so I'm buying a new 3 pack to try this, I did it with several I had already but the MSI site I think said it should be 32gb at most to format to FAT32 so I need to get those. I will try this!



So I tried this and it's still not working? I used a 32gb FAT32 empty drive, moved the bios file and renamed, pressed the button and made sure it was in the right spot. It got further than before, actually seeming to update, but I still get zero BIOS screen no matter how much I spam Delete or even use the UEFI option from the Windows menu.


Hi @invisiblelee

The BIOS file is only 32 MB's NOT GB ( capital B is important as lower case b is bits not bytes) so you hardly need a 32GB flash drive. A much cheaper 8 GB drive would be fine. You are unzipping the downloaded file not just renaming it, aren't you?

What is the BIOS version now so you know if it updated? In Start Menu type msinfo32 and select from list. The BIOS version is about 10th down on the list. Detail, detail is important as we are not there watching you.

Here's a suggestion from the MSI forum ". . . from Windows: Press Win+R and enter "shutdown /fw /r", this will reboot and enter the BIOS. ".



Oh haha. I could have sworn somewhere people were saying a USB too big wouldn't work, and that 3.0 USB wouldn't either. I might have just misread, thank you for clarifying! I am unzipping into the USB, yes, and then renaming the main file, moving it to the root of the drive and deleting the extra txt file that comes in the folder. I do rename it MSI.ROM

I checked the BIOS version and its date lists 12/12/2022, although the updated BIOS file is 12/15/2022? It doesn't list any other version information than that, so when I say it seems to update, I just mean that the flashing button functions, it flashes for a few minutes and then finally stops, and then when it restarts the machine, I still can't access it when I press delete and the screen is again just blank until I restart again to get back to Windows.

The shutdown /fw /r doesn't do anything at all when I enter it from what I can tell. Just nothing happens.

Sorry for any vagueness, a lot of stuff I don't know what to do to find properly still haha.


Hi @invisiblelee

Looks like it updated fine - well except for no BIOS screen.

I see that all the time with the dates. Presumably the BIOS date is when it was written and the other is when it was uploaded to MSI support site. What ever nothing to be concerned about.

Hopefully @jayeff's tack with the cables works. As the saying goes, "The solution is always simple it is finding that simple solution that sometimes is difficult."

Good luck and oh you are doing fine. Just keep plugging away.


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@jayeff @aactech

I sent it back over to the shop and found out my GPU seemed to be starting to fail. The guy switched mine with a different one and it displayed fine, so I'm replacing it as of now. It was an old RX 570, so we've upgraded to an RTX 3060 Ti, which is what I was planning on doing in a couple months anyway.

Will update if anything else happens!

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