Clothes are tangling around the agitator during wash cycle

Why is my clothes getting tangled around the agitator during the wash cycle?

It was working before, but now the seems like the agitator is only spinning right during the initial wash cycle instead of back and forth so its tangling the clothes around the agitator and making it get stuck. I have tried a super light load like 4 pillow cases, spread evenly, and immediately as soon as the machine starts, I lift after 3 seconds and they've already become tangled tightly around agitator.

Washer dogs and coupler are good.

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What is the model number of the washer?



Hello, the numbers on back are W10025673

Kenmore 400



The number you posted is the part number for the control panel.

Is there a 110.294xxxxxxx number somewhere on the machine e.g under the lid?


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