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Need Help with TV Problem, Some Vertical Lines

Helo. I have a Xiaomi 4a Bezel less TV. After a year of usage the screen showing artefacts:

Block Image

I think the color also feels a bit washed-up but I'm not sure, I have stopped using it because I'm too afraid to cause more damage.

Can someone help me if this is a screen, t-con or main board issue? TIA

Edited: adding images

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

PS: the photo of tcon is rotated 180'

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My television 📺 is on but still all black lining

Pictures not showing.....


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Leebid this is a bit hard to see but it appears as if the lines are not all the way from top to bottom. Lines like that are usually caused by memory errors on the main board. You are right about the color looking washed out and not color accurate. Based on the lines I go with a bad main board first. The T-con could be having a faulty Gamma chip or faulty voltages. We really would need to see what vboards your TV has. It may actually be a main board with integrated T-con function on it. Remove the back cover and post some pictures. First one should show the complete layout of the TV boards including the ribbon cables. Then the individual boards. For that, you will need to edit your QUESTION and then use this guide Adicionar imagens a uma pergunta já existente

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Hi oldturkey03 thanks for replying. I have added more images.


I asked a seller that sells this tv's mainboard for $50 and when I showed the first photo, he said it's probably the screen and not the main board. What do you think, can you add more info why you think it's the main board. Appreciate the help.


@Leebid i honestly do think so too due to the multiple errors visible. I would just replace the board if I could get them cheap and could return them if they do not work. That way I would at least have verification that it is the display itself. Won‘t hurt to try


I bought the main board and replaced the old one, the problems are still there. Bummers. Now the culprit might be the tcon or the screen, right? I'm a little confused about the screen.. can a screen broke down without external tempering? If the actual display of the screen has no visible physical defect, might it be the pcb connecting the screen? I mean, that long pcb on the bottom? Or a screen can actually partially dead without external physical force?

How do you suggest I should proceed now?


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