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Repair and disassembly information for Samsung's flagship S20+ Android smartphone, released in March of 2020.

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Forgot password, factory reset option says fail

My daughter forgot her password to log in, has no other log I'm option and no forgot password option. Tried factory reset but it's says "PDP back up fail, finish wizard" tried many times factory reset with power and volume button does not work. Is there anything else I can do or have I done it wrong? Samsung s20+

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Hi @joy1

Try to enter recovery mode by first connecting the phone to a computer using the USB-C cable that is used with the phone
Ensure that the computer detects the phone as connected.

Turn off the phone and leave the cable connected to the computer

Hold the Vol Up and Power button operated until the Recovery Menu appears. When it appears release the buttons and then use the Volume buttons to step down to Wipe data Factory reset and then press the Power button and follow the prompts.


Be aware that a factory reset will erase all your personal data and downloaded apps. It will restore the phone to its default factory condition.

Also if there is a Google or Samsung account associated with the phone you will need to know the User ID and password for the account to access the phone once it has been factory reset. This is due to the FRP lock (factory reset protection) that has been enabled by the reset. The FRP lock is a security feature that was introduced in case the phone was lost or stolen, preventing people from accessing your data.

For future reference Samsung has a remote unlock feature (as does Google) so you can unlock it if you forget the pin, by accessing your account online

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Thank you, I will certainly give this a try, we would rather keep all data etc



If you want to keep the data then don't do a factory reset.

Has the phone been backed up to the cloud or a computer at all?

If so you can do the reset and then restore the phone to what it was when the backup was done, using the saved backup. It may depend on how long ago it was done to be of any value now.


Unfortunately no, I did express the reason as to why she should have set-up the Find my Phone option and to back up her date etc but she did not want to, but this is one of the reason why it should have been done. I can not turn the phone off as it requires password, it only let's me force a restart. So I assume I now have to wait for it to go flat then charge a little and connect it to my computer.



Maybe a valuable but hard lesson as to why regular backups are necessary ;-)

Hold the Vol Down and the Power buttons for 10-15 seconds and there should be a menu option to power off


Thank you, though I have tried it does come up with the menu but when I choose to power off it requests her password. I do agree though there definitely is a lesson to be learnt for by daughter.


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I needed to reset due to trading in the phone. However, holding both the power button and volume up button for upwards of 45 seconds did nothing. I found a factory reset option in the settings menu that was much more convenient. I had already logged off of my Google and Samsung accounts prior to resetting the device. Menu option for factory reset was the way to go.

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You would think, that with ALL THE SAMSUNG PHONES sold in the world, someone would resolve the password issue. I followed each and every post from Google and Samsung, requestintg that I reset my 5 year old password ASAP, but when I did, the %#*@ PHONE DOES NOT RECOGINIZE THE NEW PASSWORD. What BULLSHIT! I am diabetic with a CGM in my arm that tells me the correct amount of insulin to administer daily. But now, with the phone locked, I am unable to use this program. I know what the password was changed to, as I wrote it down as I did it, but Samsung will NOT ALLOW ME ACCESS! I know I should have backed up more and more, but who has the time for this crap when you are just trying to stay alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't know what the &&^ to do. I am without a reading, except for the pin prick method i used years ago, BUT this does not tell me how much or how often to dose. So, the moral of this story is NOT to TRUST SAMSUNG with ANY life altering data. They may, at a moments notice, decide to ignore your legal changes and screw you royally. Looking for a new phone, other than Samsung. Any input?????????????????????????????????????

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How to unlock my forgot password using my phone email address?

Its Samsung galaxy S20+


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