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Released September 24th, Apple's 2021 flagship smartphone features a 6.1" ProMotion OLED display, a new triple-lens rear camera system, and 5G. Successor to the iPhone 12 Pro.

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iPhone 13 pro restart sometimes randomly


my iPhone it’s restarting sometimes when it’s on charging or when I’m using it, I see on : analytics & improvements > analytics data > panic full:

bug_type":"210","timestamp":"2022-12-27 16:56:03.00 +0200","os_version":"iPhone OS 16.1.2 (20B110)","roots_installed":0,"incident_id":"B3BCB166-BB89-4512-9E06-644FD1E7DA11"}


"build" : "iPhone OS 16.1.2 (20B110)",

"product" : "iPhone14,2",

"socId" : "0x00008110",

"kernel" : "Darwin Kernel Version 22.1.0: Thu Oct 6 19:34:09 PDT 2022; root:xnu-8792.42.7~1\/RELEASE_ARM64_T8110",

"incident" : "B3BCB166-BB89-4512-9E06-644FD1E7DA11",

"crashReporterKey" : "9a48090257cbd413486db500a1bbde10fe562578",

"date" : "2022-12-27 16:56:03.47 +0200",

"panicString" : "panic(cpu 0 caller 0xfffffff01acd03e0): \"AMCC PLANE0 Inconsistent AF command and DT state error: INTSTS 0x0000000000180000 INFO CA\/AF0\/AF1 0x1\/0xb000015\/0x7f ADDR 0x809e01600 CMD\/AID\/TID 0x15(CifSwOp)\/0x14\/0xd1 WAY\/SIZE 0xb\/0x7f\" @AppleT8110PlatformErrorHandler.cpp:1204\nDebugger message: panic\nMemory ID: 0xff\nOS release type: User\nOS version: 20B110\nKernel version: Darwin Kernel Version 22.1.0: Thu Oct 6 19:34:09 PDT 2022; root:xnu-8792.42.7~1\/RELEASE_ARM64_T8110\nFileset Kernelcache UUID: 0D7709A9CE2566C1DE18A98947A61202\nKernel UUID: F3D9C52A-2586-37E9-A7E3-007799DEFA1F\nBoot session UUID: B3BCB166-BB89-4512-9E06-644FD1E7DA11\niBoot version: iBoot-8419.40.112\nsecure boot?: YES\nroots installed: 0\nPaniclog version: 14\nKernelCache slide: 0x0000000011914000\nKernelCache base: 0xfffffff018918000\nKernel slide: 0x0000000012590000\nKernel text base: 0xfffffff019594000\nKernel text exec slide: 0x0000000012648000\nKernel text exec base: 0xfffffff01964c000\nmach_absolute_time: 0xb79dec05\nEpoch Time: sec usec\n Boot : 0x63ab065f 0x000bb3ba\n Sleep : 0x63ab0732 0x000299c7\n Wake : 0x63ab0763 0x00049587\n Calendar: 0x63ab076d 0x00060264\n\nZone info:\n Zone map: 0xffffffe8993dc000 - 0xffffffee993dc000\n . VM : 0xffffffe8993dc000 - 0xffffffe97fa40000\n . RO : 0xffffffe97fa40000 - 0xffffffe9cc70c000\n . GEN0 : 0xffffffe9cc70c000 - 0xffffffeab2d70000\n . GEN1 : 0xffffffeab2d70000 - 0xffffffeb993d4000\n . GEN2 : 0xffffffeb993d4000 - 0xffffffec7fa3c000\n . GEN3 : 0xffffffec7fa3c000 - 0xffffffed660a4000\n . DATA : 0xffffffed660a4000 - 0xffffffee993dc000\n Metadata: 0xffffffeffc7ac000 - 0xffffffeffdfac000\n Bitmaps : 0xffffffeffdfac000 - 0xffffffefffff0000\n\nCORE 0 recently retired instr at 0xfffffff0197ccc6c\nCORE 1 recently retired instr at 0xfffffff0197ce150\nCORE 2 recently retired instr at 0xfffffff0197ce150\nCORE 3 recently retired instr at 0xfffffff0197ce150\nCORE 4 recently retired instr at 0xfffffff0197ce150\nCORE 5 recently retired instr at 0xfffffff0197ce150\nTPIDRx_ELy = {1: 0xffffffec7e4082f8 0: 0x0000000000000000 0ro: 0x000000016d1bf0e0 }\nCORE 0 is the one that panicked. Check the full backtrace for details.\nCORE 1:

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So in my recollection, AMCC errors often have to do with the ambient light sensor. AMCC is the Apple memory cache controller, so I'm not sure exactly how that relates to the ambient light sensor, but I have seen this referenced in more than one place.

The Ambient Light sensor is on the front facing sensor assembly, which is mounted to the display. It's not uncommon for this part to be a point of failure since its location near the edge of the display, and close to the ear speaker means it's a likely point of liquid entry and is also one that common causes restarts like this (though not necessarily with the same error).

I am going to keep doing some research, perhaps other folks have some input.

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