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The Dell Inspiron 3537 laptop is a compact workspace that is oriented toward the average consumer.

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Battery not charging, board faulty

The battery no longer charges, but the power pack is good, the fault is from the motherboard, how can I fix it? I guess a component needs to be changed,


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Hi @eaglei

Check that there is power available at the motherboard at the plug end of the DC-In jack (aka power port cable)

The cable connection is shown on p.34 of the owner manual in the section dealing with the removal of the motherboard.

With the charger connected, if there is no voltage at the end of the cable then the DC-In jack will have to be replaced as it cannot be repaired. Search online for Dell 3537 DC-In jack, to find suppliers that suit you best.

If there is 19V DC between the red and black wires of the cable at the plug, then here's the schematics for the motherboard, as these will be needed to find out where the problem is on the board.

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