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The Flipper Zero is a versatile multi-tool device designed for hacking, debugging, and experimenting with various electronic gadgets and systems, such as sensors, receivers, and other electronic components.

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GPIO 17 for iButton Came off

Help, how do I repair GPIO 17 pins at the back which is used for the iButton feature? Tried opening the device and the clips were bit to tight when prying open and when I lifted the cover off it took two pins of the GPIO 17 off. Any suggestions on how to fix? Doesn't look like a solder tho..

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Have you resolved your issue? im having the same problem help please


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Unfortunately, the Flipper team does not currently sell replacement parts. However, you can contact them to be added to their waitlist.

Another option is to purchase a broken Flipper Zero that still has a functioning GPIO module and use it in your device.

You can also bypass the iButton pin by just connect a wire from GPIO pin 17.

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NOTE: The Flipper team has begun selling parts to people who’s on the whitelist, don’t know how long it will take for them to be available for everyone but for now they only sell 2 parts (Top Case and Screen). You need a code to order the parts, you can order them on


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