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This Amazon Fire was released on October 11, 2017 and is the biggest tablet in the Amazon Fire lineup.

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Battery Connector broke off - anyway to repair

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When disconnecting the battery from my Kindle, instead of just the cable coming off, the piece it connected to came off also. That piece was recycled with the old battery. I now have the correct replacement battery, but nothing to connect it into or onto the board of the Kindle. Is this piece replaceable/repairable? And if so, how?

Attached photos: On the battery cable and board photo, I tried to number the 2 important parts [I think: 1. shows where the 'connecter was once attached to the board. 2. is the battery piece that connects the connecter in the second photo 'unattached battery connector'. I don't know how the connector would be attached or reattached to the board or if it is replaceable.


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Gayle Childers we'll need to see what that all looks like. Post some good pictures of your board and the damage with your QUESTION. Go to edit and use this guide Adicionar imagens a uma pergunta já existente to add images. Do you still have the old connector?


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Gayle Childers darn. The solder pads are torn off, which is never good, but there might be a chance of soldering some jumpers to it to get this fixed. We would need to get a really good clear picture of this area. That way we can hopefully identify the traces to solder to. It will require some very fine soldering. If you feel that you do not have that skillset or the tools, let us know which general location in this world you are located in. that way we can hopefully get you in touch with some microsoldering person that cn help you further with that.

Update (12/11/2022)

Gayle Childers it can be done. I would either try and use the old connector or find a board to harvest a replacement from.

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I might even consider just soldering some wires to the board. If using a proper connector, I'd place it properly on the board and use adhesive to attach it. Then I solder the connector to the anchor points (Yellow). Using a scalpel or similar tool, very carefully remove the green masking to the corresponding points. The green masking needs to be removed just deep enough to make the copper in the remaining traces show. Use some very thin enameled wire for jumpers on Red Green and Blue to the new connector. The Teal connector can be soldered anywhere on the area outlined by the arrows. Again, all the green masking has to be CAREFULLY removed. After that you want to use some UV masking to protect those jumpers from creating a short circuit etc.

It is tedious work, but really not impossible to do. Just needs the skills and the tools. I'd contact places like TCRS Circuit who is known to the iFixit community and a validated business member of this community. Otherwise, anyone that does board repair should be able to help you with that. Your board has a good chance of being fixed and thus another device being kept out of the landfill. Remember:

Repair is War on Entropy

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Thanks for responding. I do not have these skills, but I am adding 2 other picture of the other side since you mentioned soldering pads - I don't know if it helps. I am in the Seattle, WA area.


thanks for all of your help. i contacted a few local places and none of them did this kind of work - bummer. so my son and i are going to try to work some magic from the guidance you provided. maybe it will end up in the landfill, but not for lack of trying. happy holidays.


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