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A standard cordless compact DeWalt 18V drill with a high performance motor that delivers 380 watts. Equipped with easy to hold design that allows you to work in difficult spaces.

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Knackered rechargeable batteries wifey burned them out. 😉

I was hoping that title might get a little attention. Sorry to disappoint but it’s a battery drills battery that’s knackered, nothing else, you naughty people. I’m here asking for recommendations on replacement battery brands not just for my drill but other appliances that need new batteries. What are good brands. are there cheap batteries out there which are just as good and reliable with good life span.

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I came across random youtube videos of replacing ni-cad batteries with lithiums. In general, ni-cads are older style and use a dedicated charger, The same for lithium batteries requiring dedicated charger. If yours is lithium rechargeable, replacement should be straight forward with many online guides. Converting ni-cad drills to lithium are more complicated as the charger from ni-cads cannot be used otherwise overheating and fire hazard can occur. A dedicated lithium charger is needed, matched to the number of cells and other parameters. Rechargeable batteries are more or less generic with many distributors to choose from for reasonable diy repairs.


It's not cheap, but DeWalt makes a battery conversion kit for your drill that lets you buy DeWalt lithium ion battery and use it on your Ni-Cd drill. It comes with adapter, charger and two batteries.

You can always check AliExpress, eBay and Amazon for various aftermarket adapters; they're not hard to find, then you can go shopping for compatible lithium batteries.


I was hoping I could break down the old battery pac and replace the batteries inside. That should keep down the price. I should have been more specific. I have been having a look around and there is a lot to choose from but how good are the various selections/brands etc?


I was involved in model radio control helicopters when ni-cads were the only rechargeable batteries. Model exhibitions hosted rechargeable battery distributors for diy pack making in any capacity. Panasonic and Varta come to mind. When searching online, I found many other brands, all comparable to name brands but less costly. As a modeler, batteries must be reliable as radio control powers the receivers and servos commanding pitch, roll, throttle and tail rotor. Older gyros are dc powered motors. All taking power from rechargeable battery packs. Fast forward to lithium rechargeable batteries with many brands and capacities. You haven't mentioned if your drill is ni-cad or lithium ion. One place online is Tenergy. There are others to compare costs, dimensions, capacity, charging modules, etc.


Can I get a recommendation on a battery supplier/brand in the EU? I can’t buy the tenergy batteries, I can’t get a deliver to the uk. Even Amazon has let me down.


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Hi Eamonn,

Ah, okay now we know what you're trying to do.

As it turns out, there's actually a guide here on iFixit for removing the battery cells in your drill!

DeWalt DC970 Battery Cells Replacement - iFixit Repair Guide

That'll get you most of the way there. I was faced with a similar dilemma; I had an older drill that was no longer made, and battery packs couldn't be bought for love nor money. I figured out how to open up the battery pack and it turned out the most cost-effective way to replace them was to buy the packs being sold by Harbor Freight, disassemble them and rebuild my own battery pack using the cells scavenged from the HF packs. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like those packs are being sold any longer.

Anyway, you're looking for SubC size batteries, and you want the mAh rating to be at least as high as the existing ones, or you'll reduce the runtime available on the pack. You can always go higher; if your drill is older you may be able to about double the mAh rating of your battery pack. Here's a set on Amazon that should work; you just have to arrange the batteries in the same position and polarity as the existing ones, solder them together in that configuration and pop 'em back in and Bob's Yer Uncle; there you go! Tenergy NiCd SubC 2200mAh Paper Wrapped Rechargeable Battery Flat Top with Tabs - 15 Pack : Automotive

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If you are going to attempt this please wear goggles, safety glasses. Also away from your house. If you're not confident soldering having too much heat on a rechargeable battery for any length of time could have explosive results.


@strongbow Agreed, you do want to be judicious with the application of heat, but the danger of explosion is nowhere near as high with Ni-Cd batteries as it is with Li-Ion ones. Also, the batteries I referenced already have tabs connected to the positive and negative poles, so you're soldering wires together rather than soldering directly on the battery itself.


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