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Repair guides and support for top and front loading Whirlpool brand washers.

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Why is my Whirlpool washer running extremely hot?

Re Whirlpool model WFW8640BW0.

On all programs and all settings the washer appears to be heating the water to an extremely high temperature. I.e. the water appears to be hotter than the temperature of water from our water heater. ..... It is possible that it is only filling with hot water, but given that even after an hour or more the water is extremely hot, there must have been some heating by the washer because [1] water from our water heater would have cooled down, and [2] new water drawn in would be cool as the water heater is a long way from the washing machine.

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Hi @pulaski

There is a water heater element and a temperature sensor - Whirlpool part # WPW10467289 (supplier example only) in the washer. The sensor may be faulty.

Here's the tech sheet that may help. Run the diagnostics as described in the sheet and check if there's an F3 E2 error code (Temperature system error).

Test #10 on p.19 describes how to test the temperature sensor.

If the sensor is faulty search online for the part number (see above) to find suppliers that suit you best. The supplier link above has a video that shows how to replace it which may also help.

If the sensor tests OK then follow the steps in Test #10 to further isolate where the problem is

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I already replaced the sensor. It made no difference.



What error code, if any is shown when you run the diagnostics as shown in the tech sheet?

Did you do the follow up tests in Test #10 in the tech sheet as I suggested in case the sensor was OK, you didn't say?


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