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The Sansa Clip+ is a music player by SanDisk that was released in 2009.

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usb charging port just broke off on charing cord, can I reattach?!

Hi! I was literally just using my mp3 player and as the battery went low, I went to charge it, and the charging port pulled out the charging jack piece and i don't know - can i reattach it? Is all lost? Thank you!

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Hi @ecrayons

You may be able to solder it back onto the board.

Here's the ifixit Repairing Loose Headphone Jack guide that will help.

It shows how to open the player so that you can access the board and resolder the USB port back on. The port is seen in the image in Step.2.

You will need to have smd (surface mount device) soldering experience and tools to do the repair.

If you don't want to do it yourself, any reputable, professional mobile phone or electronics repair service should be able to fix it

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