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The OnePlus 8 Pro is an Android smartphone from OnePlus. It was Released in May of 2020.

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Why is my new battery going dead in minutes?

I purchased a battery from ifix it because I thought it would be better than saving money and buying from Amazon. Ever since I installed it my battery life has been FAR worse than before I replaced it. The phone will charge to 100% only to fall to 20% I'm under 5mins and then from 20% to 0% it will go down slower but not as slow as I would expect. I think that the phone is misreading or something and thinking the battery is full and not charging all of the way because it says 100%. Any help is appreciated 👍.

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It could be a faulty battery


It could be that the battery needs recalibrated as new battery’s need to “learn” how to read their percentage properly

I have had loads of them that act like this and it’s usually that or the battery connector just needs reseated

I would try charging it up fully then draining it till flat a couple times to help recalibrate it and if the issue persists contact iFixit to see about getting a replacement or a refund

iFixit support is great so they will make it right:-)

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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Ok cool thanks for the help, since I already tried doing this calibration process I'll go ahead and contact ifixit.



That’s the best thing to do

Iv contacted them before

They are amazing and they will make it right:-)



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Same issue, I thought ifixit would have best quality and I received different one than it was on the photo.
Drains faster than my 4yo used battery. Can't return it...

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@itsmrdope I suggest you get in touch with the iFixit Store personnel and let them know what's going on. Their batteries have a 1 year warranty and whenever I've dealt with them they've been responsive and helpful. Best way is to email them at

@krisrodriguez, a heads up on Mr Dope's issue here.


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