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A Desktop PC built from off-the-shelf DIY parts, rather than a prebuilt from a major manufacturer. These can also be built by an SI using off-the-shelf parts.

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Display output will not work

Evening from Australia everyone,

My friend approached me earlier today and said his high-end pc won't output to a monitor via DP. I tried to help him over the phone but he asked i pick it up tomorrow so i thought i would get some advice before i start troubleshooting.

Here's what i know so far:



pcie 3.0 riser (Says he's gone to bios and set link speed to 3)

Apparently only works on HDMI

Apparently has bad drivers (I am unsure though)

anyone who has any thoughts/help would be strongly appreciated as he just build this only to have it not run his games. I will update this thread once i get the pc and more info

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Maybe Jayztwocents video will give you some info what might be. He did updated firmware of GPU or something and fixed. I hope it will help


Will do this afternoon once I have it with me thanks


Hi everyone so an update on the situation:

when i got the pc at first it wouldn't turn on. After re-wiring the power button it sprung to life. We then found that windows was kinda screwed, so we fixed that. And now only one issue (Visible to me at least) remains:

This computer has an i7-12700k and 32gb ddr5 (My appologies my friend got the specs incorrect) and it should have integrated graphics. Those appear to be disabled (Not even found in windows) and since the OS is a bit unstable i don't want to restart the machine in case it takes forever to load into windows again.

Note: This is on windows 10 and he can't get it on 11 even though it's 12th gen



Have you checked the graphics adapter settings in BIOS?


I should try that. My only issue is windows being a piece of garbage bc it's stuck in a boot loop and goes to safe mode...


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When you receive his PC, please try the following:

  1. Firmly re-seat the PCIe riser card in its slot and reset BIOS to its default settings. Confirm that BIOS recognizes the card without errors. If BIOS displays a problem, try another slot. Try a BIOS update, as well.
  2. Launch Device Manager, uninstall the display/monitor drivers, and reboot the computer. Windows will detect the monitor and install the drivers it recommends.
  3. Try the device troubleshooting utility. Open command prompt as an administrator, copy/paste the following, and hit Enter: %systemroot%\system32\msdt.exe -id DeviceDiagnostic Follow the prompts to allow Windows to look for the problem.

If none of these work, then manually isolate the problem component. Try a different monitor/cable, computer, monitor DP port, PCIe card, PCIe slot, and drivers. Confirm that the problem returns before moving to the next component.

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That’s some great help thanks mate just one issue: it’s a mini itx build so that means there is only one PCIe slot


Quick update: somehow even though it’s a K cpu it has no igpu which concerns me. Also that riser cable is hella suspicious but I have to hand it back tomorrow, so I’ll let him do the riser cable swap.


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You might also want to go to a command prompt and run CHKDSK C:

You can also try booting to a Linux USB disk and running some things just to verify the problem is with Windows and not a hardware issue.

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@ruggb I don't have the time for a linux usb as I have to give this back in a couple of hours but I'll try the cmd prompt one (If it gets to windows that is)


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