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IQ America's wireless video door intercom used for security and surveillance purposes. Comes with wall mounted camera and display remote.

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Is it possible to connect with a cell phone?

Would like to know if VD-8810L Wireless Video Door Intercom is able to be connected to a cell phone and if possible please explain how?

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Hi @blainew,

Check if your cell phone can detect the door intercom by enabling the WiFi in the cell phone and then see if the intercom system shows up as a network in the phone's WiFi available networks list.

Not sure if it will be there all the time or only when the door button is operated, so you may have to push the button on the intercom if nothing shows up at first.

If the phone can't detect the intercom system then it can't connect to it.

It may be operating on a frequency which is different to what the phone's WiFi operates on.

The user manual doesn't give the wireless frequency specifications (unless it is in the info you may have) and most phones' WiFi is usually 2.4GHz and also 5GHz (depends on phone if they have both).

If it does detect the intercom then an app would be needed to be installed in the phone so that the phone could communicate with the intercom, but first you need to find out if it can detect it.

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